Why should you Stake?

Just like earning interest on a savings account, staking allows Octa Exchange’ Users to contribute tokens to staking pools and earn passive income

No strings attached

Deposit and withdraw your tokens whenever you want

Transparent Yields

See exactly how much you’ll earn, without hidden fees

Generous rewards

Receive everyday payouts

How does it work?


Enter the Octa Exchange Staking panel


Select a Stake pool & deposit tokens


Relax and wait for rewards to pour in

Things to keep in mind

Rewards are deposited directly to your wallet

Rewards are distributed every Monday, in the staked cryptocurrency, to user wallets

Restricted payouts for short-term stakers

Users must hold tokens in a pool for at least seven days to become eligible for rewards

Play as much as you like

Stake as much as you want and participate in any pool you want!